About Us
WDDG is a premier interactive advertising firm with expertise in strategy, interactive design, programming, and game development. WDDG has amassed a first-rate roster of clients as well as some of the advertising industry's most prestigious awards including the Gold Cannes Lion, Gold Clio, Gold Effie, Webby, and EMMY. We have consistently been an innovator in the online marketplace using Flash and other technologies and we boast an expert staff recognized throughout the design industry. Aside from our direct-to-client relationships, we also partner with some of the top advertising agencies in the industry on a variety of high-profile interactive projects.
As a small and specialized agency, WDDG thrives on finding new ways to have fun with each project and aims to intrigue and enthrall online audiences with whatever we develop. Though we are perhaps best-known for our standout creative designs, we are also capable of constructing formidable back-ends and providing strategic insight into creating the best interactive experiences possible. With every project, we look forward to new challenges and developing smart solutions.


The completely redesigned and reconstructed Duncan Hines site has given the brand the modern digital presence it needed. A rich collection of recipes and tips and a robust user community has helped increase traffic by 300% since launch.
To promote Ubisoft's tween Nintendo DS titles, WDDG created an online universe where users create their own avatars, explore islands, and play over a dozen original minigames, all powered by a completely customized CMS.
How do you create an interactive collection of anything and everything Marc Ecko has ever dabbled in? You create a robust, customized content management system and design a kick-ass site that is ever-expanding. Then you win some awards for it.

The re-debut of this popular PBS children's show warranted a robust online extension. The resulting website is filled with rich video, community features and games, and has won nearly a dozen accolades including a coveted Emmy Award!
A fragrance experience like no other! This Webby-nominated site draws you into the whimsical world of Daisy, a secret garden filled with community, contests and games. A memorable debut for the 2008 Fragrance of the Year!